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Trust your agent!
Trust your agent!

Edina Realty, MN Licensed realtor Tash Casso providing exceptional service to buyers, sellers, and everything real estate. Thinking about changing or altering your real estate status? Call 612.615.9183 or email

Are you a first time home buyer? This is an exciting time of your life, what happens in the process depends on your outlook, ability to trust your agent and patience. Remember the Home & Garden channel is good for ideas but shouldn't be a blue print for how your real estate transaction will begin and end.

After all, a years search for a home on House Hunters gets condensed into 1 episode. So keep in mind that the show, is just that. The downside is that it may offer unrealistic expectation for buyers, sellers and their real estate agents.

Tash Casso offers a great piece of advice for house hunters, buyers and sellers. When you selected your agent it was probably because you felt synergy, and confidence you were in good hands. Now trust your agent, he or she has your best interest in mind. Trust their knowledge of the real estate industry, strategy, and ability to negotiate for you!

For exceptional service in everything real estate, call Tash Casso at 612.615.9183 or email