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Find a tai chi class in your area

Tai chi classes can be found at local community colleges, senior centers, outside in the park and through adult continuing education programs in your area.
Tai chi classes can be found at local community colleges, senior centers, outside in the park and through adult continuing education programs in your area.
L. Atwater

Maybe you have seen tai chi performed at a demonstration or a local event or perhaps you have seen it on television or a video on your computer. If you are lucky enough to have visited China, maybe you have seen people practicing tai chi outside in the park. Once your interest is piqued and you’ve witnessed the gracefulness and read all the good things about practicing tai chi, the question is where can you find a class or a teacher?

L. Atwater tai chi demonstration
A. Williams

Sometimes it’s not just finding the time to practice tai chi that presents the most difficult challenge, but actually finding a tai chi class in your area that matches your busy lifestyle. For many of us we can’t easily get away to a class because of our jobs or other commitments. In that case, you may have to intensify your search to find a teacher that fits your schedule.

Here are some suggestions to start your search for a local tai chi teacher, class or club:

  • Check with your local community college for their non-credit classes. They often have a wide selection of classes and may produce a booklet that is sent to township residents. For Hamilton Township residents, Mercer County College offers a tai chi class with instructor, Guy DeRosa.
  • Your township may offer adult and continuing education classes that are generally offered in the evening hours or Saturdays. You can start your search online or contact your township administration office. For Hamilton residents, the author teaches tai chi classes through the adult program in the spring and fall in one of the area middle schools.
  • Senior centers and retirement community clubhouses are also great places to find tai chi classes. Get online and search your local township website for their senior programs or if you live in a retirement community inquire with your recreational director. The author teaches regularly at the Robbinsville Senior Center.
  • Fitness centers and health facilities may offer tai chi and other mind/body classes but generally require membership. This is a great alternative for those seeking a full complement fitness facility. The author teaches at RWJ Center for Health and Wellness in Hamilton.
  • Do an online search for tai chi teachers in your local community. You may find teachers close to home that offer private or small group sessions. The author teaches privately at home for those seeking a nearby location and Guy and Susanna DeRosa teach in the Princeton area and north.
  • There may be kung fu and tai chi schools in your area. These may be more expensive alternatives but worth the effort to inquire.
  • Parks and other recreational areas in your community may have clubs or groups that practice on their grounds. The author has a small group that meets at Mercer County Park on the first and third Fridays of each month, weather permitting.

There are certainly other ways to find a teacher but the suggestions above should certainly give you a good start on your tai chi quest.

For more information, contact Tai Chi Lee or visit


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