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Find a passion for puzzles - National Puzzle Day

Pick a puzzle for a great time!
Pick a puzzle for a great time!
Photo: C. Watson

Love a good brain-teaser, mind-bender, tongue-twister?  Love a good 1000 piece puzzle that you find yourself hoping you haven't lost a piece somewhere? Celebrate National Puzzle day January 29th.

Bring out those boxes of puzzles whether they are the super large preschool puzzle pieces or the 100 piece set with the cute puppy on it and prepare your family for a good time.  Remember that every activity can have a life lesson for them to learn.  Grab these opportunities to plant seeds of "out of the box" thinking.

  • Figure out where you should start.  Always a good idea when facing a new situation.
  • Looking at the pieces, determine which are different than the others.  The outside pieces are different than the middle pieces yet have something in common with each other.  They all have a flat side. 
  • The puzzle will be a ......?  Rectangle.  Learning and remembering shapes is always easy fun.  So a rectangle has ......... corners?  Find those four corners among the flat edge pieces.
  • Use the box that they came in for a guide of what the final product should be.  Keep your eye on the goal so you know you are getting closer. 
  • And probably a good lesson to start with is to set up the puzzle somewhere that it won't be disturbed if you get interrupted or it takes longer than expected.  Use a card table or the dining room table or a floor mat.  You don't want to put all your effort into something just to crumble it before getting the reward of finishing.

Try some online puzzle sites too.  A popular one is who has pictures from Washington DC that you can put back together online.  Before you chose your picture chose how many pieces you want to put together.  The selection starts at six pieces so all ages can have fun!

For non-jigsaw puzzles that are still quite puzzling for ages 5 to adult, check out a site from a group right here in Pasadena, Maryland at
has a picture of Baltimore as it's jigsaw puzzle although it looks quite like Annapolis as well. 

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  • Autumn 5 years ago

    Great idea for today while waiting for the snow to stop!!

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