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Find a fresh new look this Summer

Get a new start this Summer
Get a new start this Summer
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Here in Chicago, Summer is a great time to get a fresh start. When you arrive at parties and cookouts, you may start new friendships and relationships. This is a perfect time for you to get away from your previous beauty and skincare routines and try out some new looks and products more suited to who you really are on the inside. Are you looking for more color? More glamour? Or even a more demure look? Go for it in these ways.

Add color-If you are stuck in a neutral color rut, this is an excellent season to try out color. Inexpensive beauty line es make it easy for you to try colors that some may find intimidating. Greens and blues are fun evening looks for eyes. If you would like to add color for daytime looks, peaches, and even the peacock (a terrific blend of blue and green) shades are more acceptable.

Add glamour-Ever wanted to try false lashes? Try it this summer. You can try an inexpensive variety of false lashes at stores like Walgreens and CVS. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, you can get your lashes put on by an expert. The result will be so dramatic, you may find yourself looking for and entirely new hairstyle and outfit.

More demure-Perhaps you may feel that you need to tone done your personal style. You may find the summer heat melting your wonderfully applied foundation, and you would like an alternative. If you think you have been wearing a little too much foundation, you can always switch to a BB cream that protects your skin from the summer sun while evening out your skin tone.

More polished-Michigan Avenue in Chicago is filled with polished women enjoying the summer sun. One of the things they have in common is their beautiful choices in lip color. Rarely you will see bright red lips in the daytime. Instead, you will see glossy colors closer to the their natural skin tones. To get a more polished look, put away the bright reds, and deep burgundys and opt for pearlized pinks, peaches, and brown colors.