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Financial Tips For May 2014

Here are another 10 Secrets about how I view the financial world and that you can significantly benefit from. Please excuse the sarcasm and dry sense of humor I use in these secrets but they do help emphasize my points.

Phil Mitsch Is America’s #1 Economic, Real Estate, Financial And Motivational Trainer.  He Is Also The Real Estate Industry's All Time Top Producing Residential Realtor.  @PhilMitsch
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Secret #1
It’s amazing how many very prominent people worldwide, who know the U.S. economy is in very serious financial trouble, are scared to death to publically admit it.

Secret #2
Many worldwide government and corporate leaders have contracted a new, horrific and deadly disease know as BCSS. These initials stand for Brain Cell Separation Syndrome.

Secret #3
A non-corrupt economic system of Capitalism creates economic growth and prosperity. A corrupt system creates massive economic deterioration.

Secret #4
More home buyers will qualify at a $212,000 sales price with 6% discount point assistance from home sellers than a $200,000 sales price without this seller concession assistance.

Secret #5
When corrupt government and corporate leaders deliberately destroy their economies to make themselves filthy rich, they are forced to switch to Pinnochio and Ponzi accounting and financing scam systems.

Secret #6
Short on money? No problem! Just contact the U.S. government and lease 1 of their 17 trillion +++ print money machines.

Secret #7
A substantial increase in real estate investment buyers usually means a deteriorating economy is producing an increase in property owners who must sell because of being in a duress financial position.

Secret #8
When a nation switches to Pinnochio and Ponzi accounting and financial scam systems, it results in the rich getting richer and everybody else getting poorer.

Secret #9
A nation’s real estate market and overall economy will grow and prosper when there is an increase in residence buyers, not investment buyers.

Secret #10
Smart consumers who want to financially and psychologically survive should now live on 80% or less of their disposable income and save the rest in order to substantially increase their odds of future financial security.

Remember to look for my Financial Tips For June 2014 article in about four weeks.


Phil Mitsch

Agents’ Note: Phil Mitsch is America’s leading economic recovery, real estate, lending and motivational coach. He is also the real estate industry’s all time, top producing residential Realtor. His 1) biography, 2) testimonials, 3) seminar topics, 4) books, 5) videos, 6) audios, 7) economic recovery tips, 8) real estate tips, 9) lending tips and 10) motivational tips can be found at For further information, contact Phil Mitsch Enterprises in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at 856-665-6569, on Twitter at @philmitsch, or by email to

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