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Financial Tips For July 2014

Here are another 10 Secrets about how I view the financial world and that you can significantly benefit from.

Phil Mitsch Is The World’s #1 Economic Recovery, Real Estate, Financial And Motivational Trainer.  He Is Also The Real Estate Industry's All Time Top Producing Residential Realtor.  @PhilMitsch
Phil Mitsch Enterprises

Secret #1
Financially struggling consumers should voluntarily reduce their lifestyles rather than borrow money to maintain them.

Secret #2
Homebuyers should obtain a mortgage pre-qualification certificate (non a mortgage commitment) and a mortgage pre-approval certificate ( a conditional mortgage commitment) from knowledgeable and experience loan officers prior to looking at properties.

Secret #3
Homesellers, when applicable, should offer homebuyers “seller concession assistance” in the form of discount points and settlement costs. Doing so will not only increase the value of the home but will also increase the number of qualified buyers.

Secret #4
Real estate agents can substantially increase their business by properly offering home buyers and home sellers multiple commission plan options.

Secret #5
Mortgage loan officers can increase business by learning how to issue mortgage pre-qualification certificates and mortgage pre-approval certificates with up to 9 different mortgage amounts that home buyers are qualified for.

Secret #6
Consumers can increase credit scores by keeping their balances below 35% of credit limits even if several credit cards are used to accomplish this.

Secret #7
Financially struggling consumers might find it better to file some form of bankruptcy to reduce and eliminate debt rather than using modification services. Excellent legal and financial advice is necessary to make this decision.

Secret #8
Shutting down a computer after completing financial transactions can help prevent identity theft.

Secret #9
Home buyers should always know the maximum amount of money they will need for deposit, down payment and settlement costs prior to looking at properties.

Secret #10
Statistically, home sellers should price their homes realistically from day one despite traditional beliefs that starting high is the right thing to do. Realistic pricing will 1) attract more buyer and real estate agent inquiries, 2) more buyer and real estate agent showings, 3) more offers, 4) more qualified buyers, 5) a faster sale and 6) potentially obtaining a final sales price that can actually be more than the asking price.

Remember to look for my Financial Tips For August 2014 article in about four weeks.


Phil Mitsch

Agents’ Note: Phil Mitsch is the world's #1 economic recovery, real estate, financial and motivation trainer. He is also the real estate industry’s all time, top producing residential resale Realtor, who did not use personal assistants. His 1) biography, 2) testimonials, 3) seminar topics, 4) books, 5) videos, 6) audios, 7) economic recovery tips, 8) real estate tips, 9) financial tips and 10) motivation tips can be found at His tips can also be found online at and @PhilMitsch on Twitter. For further information, contact Phil Mitsch Enterprises in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at 856-665-6569 or by email to

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