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Financial Tips For August 2014

Here are another 10 Tips about how I view the financial world and that you can significantly benefit from.

Phil Mitsch Is The World’s #1 Economic Recovery, Real Estate, Financial And Motivational Trainer.  He Is Also The Real Estate Industry's All Time Top Producing Residential Realtor.  @PhilMitsch
Phil Mitsch Enterprises

Tip #1
In order for most U.S. real estate values to increase back to 2005 and 2006 all time record high levels then consumer purchasing power must also increase back to those levels as well.

Tip #2
If U.S. economy is really improving then why is virtually every automobile company making much smaller and less expensive cars?

Tip #3
Destructive U.S. government and corporate America activities are causing severe financial problems for millions of struggling Americans.

Tip #4
No government should have the right to collect taxes from its citizens until its own budgets are realistic and they are functioning properly. I guess that means no more taxes, ladies and gentlemen.

Tip #5
Don’t be surprised if the U.S. congress eliminates property tax and mortgage interest deductions in order to generate more revenue to feed their already irresponsible, immoral, unethical, excessive, obese and illegal budgets. This action, if taken, would result in further real estate market and overall economic deterioration.

Tip #6
Never in U.S. history have home values decreased and maintenance costs, like property taxes, fuel, utilities and insurance, increased by as much as they have since the year 2007.

Tip #7
If the U.S economy was really improving then real estate short sales would not be skyrocketing due to the skyrocketing financial problems that millions of American families are having.

Tip #8
The credit rating system is irresponsibly, immorally, unethically and illegally deliberately designed to drive consumers into “sub prime” so that lenders can charge them higher rates and fees. This system should be abolished, or at very least, restructured because it is increasing consumer expenses and decreasing consumer disposable income. These decreases are causing further and further economic deterioration.

Tip #9
Record high levels of corruption in U.S. politics and corporations are causing further and further economic deterioration and financial problems for millions of struggling Americans.

Tip #10
Financially struggling Americans can 1) voluntarily cut their lifestyles, 2) modify their debt with creditors and 3) file some type of bankruptcy in order to increase their odds of financial survival. By the way it’s a myth created by the lending industry that you cannot borrow money for a long period of time if you file bankruptcy. The truth is you can borrow money and re-establish credit very quickly after filing bankruptcy if you learn the financial secrets.

Remember to look for my Financial Tips For September 2014 article in about four weeks.


Phil Mitsch

Agents’ Note: Phil Mitsch is the world's #1 economic recovery, real estate, financial and motivation trainer. He is also the real estate industry’s all time, top producing residential resale Realtor, who did not use personal assistants. His 1) biography, 2) testimonials, 3) seminar topics, 4) books, 5) videos, 6) audios, 7) economic recovery tips, 8) real estate tips, 9) financial tips and 10) motivation tips can be found at His tips can also be found online at and @PhilMitsch on Twitter. For further information, contact Phil Mitsch Enterprises in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at 856-665-6569 or by email to

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