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Financial Nuggets by Roger L. Brown: Why a Financial Plan?

Creating Happiness, Success & Wealth
Roger L. Brown

I am always being asked why I should have a financial plan.

After all aren’t the results the same no matter what? Do I really

have control?

If we take a look at the way most people in the US handle their

money my opinion is there is no planning. They do what they

can do and if they can’t they turn to their credit cards or not

pay the bill. Some people do occasional planning. It is a “do it

yourself mindset” and is usually one step behind the eight ball.

Then there are those who do needs panning. They handle the

latest thing that has to be met. And may even look somewhat

to retirement, or school needs etc... Unfortunately, this need

must be present and obvious. A person must also have the

extra money to meet this upcoming need.

There are those who think they are smart and they will do

financial planning. This requires a lot of number crunching and

monitoring of mathematical variables and future income needs.

Most people do not have the knowledge needed to make this


One problem with all these methods of financial decision

making is that they are micro in nature.

If you want a retirement is says: give me this amount of money.

You want and education; give me this amount of money. You

want a house it says: give me this amount of money. It always

asks for more money. You only have so much. Where does the

extra money coming from? What sources? And it also relies on

painting a graphic picture that in reality doesn’t work.

The Method that I propose and utilizes is what I call Macro -

Planning. It takes a look at what you are now receiving money

wise, looks at cost recovery plans, lost opportunity costs, and

keeping money in motion, then using this approach helps get

you out of debt, and helps to create wealth for you.

If you don’t have a model these things happen:

• Uncoordinated

• Non-integrated

• Opinion-base decisions

• Convenience-do I have enough money or is this a good


• Confusion—this approach leads to confusion

• Uncontrollable—everything is out of control

With a Model

• Coordinated—your decision process is simplified

• Integrated—you are not borrowing from Peter to pay Paul

• Verifiable—you make a decision based upon sound

verifiable mathematical data

• Performance beyond need

• Performance beyond goals

• Implementation process you control

• Organized and you can see what is happening

• Control—you have control not someone else

This process is not new. It has been utilized for hundreds of

years just using different programs and products. But since the

1900’s the wealthy have used the concepts of Macro Planning

What I do is teach you how to create wealth using other

people’s money and keeping yours in motion.

If you are interested in achieving Happiness, Success & Wealth then contact my office to arrange an appointment

When looking for a Financial Consultant in Ohio, Columbus native Roger L. Brown is a quality choice. He has over 30 years’ experience in the financial industry and cares about helping you reach your individual, family and business goals. He is focused on creating a foundation ofhappiness, success and wealth. Roger provides unparalleled professionalism in the services he offers.

He is very active in the community and represents the welfare of children, families and seniors. He was the founder and Executive Director of the Senior Resources Alliance of Central Ohio, representative to Ohio White House Conference on Children & Youth, served on the budget committee of Licking County and is active in church and religious affairs. Roger is also a recognized lecturer and speaker on Aging, Financial and religious topics and always provides FREE seminars to varies groups on wealth management solutions.

Additional highlighted awards and activities:

Licensed with State of Ohio Insurance Commission: Life, Health, HMO & Annuities, Property & Casualty

Recipient of the George Washington Medal presented by National Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge Qualifier Million Dollar Round Table

Member, National Association of Financial and Insurance Advisers

Member, National Association of Health Underwriters


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