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Financial aid for pet healthcare

Providing the best for your pet- there is financial help.
Providing the best for your pet- there is financial help.
(AP Photo/William Fernando Martinez)

The recent economy has hit everyone hard, from pet owners to pet rescue organizations but financial assistance is still available for low income owners and cancer or life threatening illness stricken pets. Unfortunately, due to decreased donations, many organizations have stopped taking applications or decreased grant values but  many will still do everything they can to assist. Every little bit helps in times like these; whether you are a pet owner or an organization needing a helping hand.

Please visit the organization's website for more information.

General financial aid websites:

American Animal Hospital Helping Pets Fund: Aid for
 low income (unemployment, supplemental security income, medicaid), and temporary financial need.

Brown Dog Foundation: .
Temporary financial need for treatable life-threatening condition (excludes cancer and organ failure).

Care . A special credit card used only for health care with zero interest on short term loans (length determined by buyer) paid by minimum monthly payments. Low fixed interest rate with extended payment plans.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program: . Aid for
life threatening illness or injury for owned and rescued pets.

Help a Pet: . Owner must demonstrate an annual income <$20,000 for individual and <$40,000 for family.

"In Memory of Magic- IMOM . Financial assistance for immediate care (within 10 days or less), will not cover cancer and chronic illness.

United Animal Nations: . Grants for life threatening emergencies for low-income, rescued, and emergency situations like fire or natural disaster.

Bearen foundation: . Aid for life threatening illness with good prognosis, must be spayed and neutered with a current vaccination status.

Shakespeare Animal Fund: .Financial aid for the elderly, disabled and low income owner(<$23,000) for emergency veterinary care.

Handicapped Pets:

Handicapped Pets Foundation: . Provides donation of mobility equipment.

Cancer Stricken Pets:

Canine Cancer Awareness: .

Land of Pure Gold Foundation: . Cancer treatment grants for working dogs only.

The Magic Bullet Fund: . Grants for cancer treatment in dogs under 10 years of age (if >100lbs, 8 years of age).

Breed Specific Funds:

Goldstock funds: . A variety of funds for rescued golden retrievers.

The Lab Med Inc.: . Financial aid for rescued labrador retrievers.

Labrador Life Line: . Financial aid for purebred only, not for terminally ill.

Sites that help you raise funds yourself:

God's Creature's Ministries: . Site provides forms for local fund raising.

Fundable:  Online fund-raising website.

Ways to cut veterinary costs for the rest of us:

  • Consider pet insurance. Plans today vary from accidental to full coverage with options such as cancer riders and like human medical plans involve annual deductibles.
  • Start a savings fund for your pet. While you are putting a little away for your child, include your pet. Small amounts can add up over time.
  • Preventative care is named so for a reason. Keeping your pet vaccinated and more importantly examined annually can catch illness early, before aggressive measures must be taken. The best example of preventative care, heartworm prevention. Oral monthly medication for a 0-25lb dog runs on average $35 for 6 months of prevention, the same dog being treated for heartworm disease costs approximately $600 and up, dependent on severity.