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Finals of the Afinkao same-sex Jack & Jill competition this Friday

Afinkao Dance Company
Afinkao Dance Company
Afinkao Dance Company

The finals of Afinkao's annual same-sex Jack & Jill competition will be held this Friday (July 11th) around 11pm at the company's monthly "Latin Fever Fridays" social.

A Jack & Jill competition is a freestyle dance-off where the contestants are paired off with a random partner every round, and judged to a freestyle dance to random music. The Afinkao competition is different from the typical Jack & Jill in that men aren't separated with women, rather anyone can dance with anyone else, which can result in guys following and ladies leading, or even two men or women dancing together (hence the "same-sex").

The qualifying round for the competition was held at the last "Latin Fever Friday" in June, with 5 couples being selected to move onto the final round. There will be another round of qualifiers this Friday though, so dancers who didn't get to attend last month still have a chance to compete.

The Afinkao Jack & Jill competition is lighthearted and fun competition compared to more serious competitions that are held in the Bay Area, such as the US Salsa Open and the World Salsa Challenge held at the SF Salsa Congress, and is sure to provide entertainment for all the attendees.

"Latin Fever Fridays" is one of the most popular dance socials in the East Bay, and is known for attracting some of the top dancers from around the Bay Area. The social is also known for their delicious sangria which is served at the event. "Latin Fever Fridays" is held a The Beat dance studio in Berkeley, and is open to dancers of all ages.