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Finals have you down? Bars to get you through the week

The semester is winding down at colleges throughout the country, and students everywhere are feeling the crunch. Quizzes, tests, papers, presentations and thoughts of upcoming finals have students on edge this time of year, and for good reason. Months of material are going to be boiled down and crammed into these upcoming weeks, and if asked today few students would tell you they're ready. Yes, countless hours of reading, writing, and memorization are in the very near future for a great deal of students. But this time of year does not have to be entirely dreadful. Luckily for the of-age collegian, your local college bars can provide just the break any good student needs this time of year.

Whether you are looking for a drink with dinner to get you in the right mindset to study, or you need to full-on drown the sorrows of a test gone wrong, Minneapolis has a bar for you. Below are a few common scenarios you may find yourself in as finals approach.

"I've been studying all day, it's 10pm and I have at least four hours of studying I need to get done tonight but I can't focus."

Not a problem. Head to Burrito Loco on 13th Ave in southeast Minneapolis. If you've been studying all day, chances are you've skipped a meal or two. Get yourself a burrito and a cold refreshing beer. Dine in and really enjoy the best burrito the area has to offer. Savor it. Drink your beer slowly with the meal and feel the calm cascade over you. If you're so inclined, order a second and maybe a third beer to take your mind off the books, if only for an hour. When you get home, this time spent taking care of yourself will pay dividends by adding to your study endurance, relieving stress, and improving focus.

"All of my friends have finals tomorrow, but I finished today"

It's certainly tough being snubbed for a book, particularly when it seems you're the only person sans responsibilities. But you don't need a group to have fun around campus. Take the opportunity to grab a drink solo, and make a new friend or two along the way. Bars are open, and people are drinking in them. Traveling by yourself, you are bound by nothing. If you are feeling it, hang out and meet some people. If not, move on. Even if you are not the type to talk to strangers, make an effort to enjoy yourself and your freedom. Depending on your tastes, Minneapolis has a host of options. Check out Dinkytown or Seven Corners where you'll have several options within a short walk.

"Dude, I totally rocked/failed that final!"

In college, as in life, the line between success and failure is paper thin. This is why we use the the same mechanism--drinking--both to celebrate our greatest achievements and to drown our biggest regrets. If done correctly, both reasons for drinking should have the same euphoric results. Good friends, cold drinks, and the right atmosphere can simultaneously fan the flames of success and temper the pangs of defeat. Whichever may be the case for you, I suggest grabbing a healthy group of friends and celebrating (even if you failed, it's still over) the completion of finals by heading to Preston's Urban Pub for a fishbowl. The large, potent concoctions should be a great start to an evening to remember, or forget, for you and several friends.


  • Peer & Alcoholic 5 years ago

    I too was once overcome with despair and unease as any semester final loomed near. Thankfully, whichever alcohol-supporting deity in charge of the universe around the time of my entrance into Minnesota enlightened me with a now some-say-a-little-too-much-so close friend, Captain Morgan.

    Heeding warnings only of mixing beer and liquor, and acknowledging no health-related advice pertaining to the dangers of nightly consumption of multiple liters of rum, I took to the streets.

    Let me tell you, Jeffrey is dead on.

    Late night excursions to the Loco, wandering alone around bars with regard for silly things like dignity, and celebrating the occasions few and far between (hours) with a sense of accomplishment - for failure, or otherwise - are all the keys to a successful college (and beyond?) life.

    Thank you, Jeffrey, for the enlightenment. But really... Finals? Silly. Once you start celebrating making it to a lecture, or doing your laundry, you really won't have a need for final