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Finally, the premiere of Stories for Dinner!

Stories for Dinner Poster
Stories for Dinner Poster
Stories for Dinner

It was back in 2012 that we reported on Stories for Dinner. Dolph Paulsen, writer, director and actor spoke with the Boston Film Industry Examiner about his film. He and his team had finished shooting and were in post production at the time. Finally that is over and they are ready to show the movie.

Stories for Dinner will premiere This Friday at 7:00 p.m. and will be shown at the same time on Saturday and Sunday. The venue is the Inner Sanctum Studios, 18 Palmer Street, Boston Mass.

The official announcement is below.

At long last, we have a finished film and an amazing venue to host us for a premiere weekend in our beloved city of Boston. There will also likely be partying happening following each screening. Bring your best attitude and your boogie shoes.
In the spirit of the film, which is about strangers coming together over food and life stories, we encourage guests to bring food, pot-luck style. Seating will be limited to about 60 for each night's screening (though we'll welcome more and find a way to make it work), so please RSVP to and let us know how many people you will come with and what you might bring for food.
Suggested donation is $10 and will go towards festival entry fees and a veterans' charity TBD. Those of you among our original kickstarter backers will have your tickets as promised and will be listed at the door.

There is a large free parking lot attached to the other side of the building. The entrance to the parking lot is off of Harrison Ave.

The essential plot is a journalism student needs a home run with a writing assignment to save his grade. He hits on the idea of inviting over a random group to tell their tales at dinner. Helping to make it compelling is that the stories are real. According to Dolph, “most of the stories in the movie, the ones told by the characters at the dinner/house party, are adapted from true stories, mostly people that I know, family friends and my own personal experiences.”

The Facebook page for the announcement is here. There is a trailer on vimeo.

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