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Finally, the iPhone killer! It’s not an iPhone.

Some people consider me an iPhone hater (Berit! Nikki!) but I consider myself an Android lover and a non elitist. See, I waited for the iPhone to come to Verizon and January after January the rumors kept appearing. I saw the Droid in 2009 and was impressed but didn’t realize the full capability of the phone. My wife actually purchased the Droid as a birthday gift for me. So I figured this would be a good, in the meantime, phone plus it had a large screen. Well to my dismay, iPhone-ers would look down on me and say “oh you have that?” I thought to myself, well what does the iPhone have that Android doesn’t have? And I found nothing; except for a few apps - that will probably be developed soon for Android. That is how the love affair began. I even wrote an article highlighting 30 things that Android has that iPhone has yet to have. You can read it here.

However, iPhone has one glaring advantage over Android (forget about hypnotic Marketing for one moment) it’s the synergy between hardware and software. In other words, Apple makes the hardware and software that is the iPhone. It’s iPhone’s sleekness and its seamless-ness that has people in awe; because even Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak said“Android has more features”.

Unlike iPhone, a great feature of Android is there is a phone for every user. There are even Android phones that look like the iPhone (Samsung Fascinate and Epic come to mind). there are small screens, big screens, white phones, chrome accent phones and more. But the iPhone killer will be developed by Google; that’s right, I said it! (This is a huge prediction!) Android (Google’s mobile phone division) has stated that Andy Rubin, Joe Britt, and Matt Hershenson will all work on the Android Hardware Engineering team. Let’s look at some facts:

  1. They all worked at Apple.
  2. They founded Danger which made the TMobile sidekick.
  3. Joe and Matt worked at Microsoft and worked on what would be the Kin phone.
  4. Andy Rubin is the holder of at least 8 patents between 2000-2008 that reference mobile design, content delivery, social networking integration and hardware configuration.
  5. The Nexus series is the purest form of Android and these phones are showcased by manufacturers and generally used by developers to test apps and software. By that I mean no UI on top of Android. No Motoblur, HTC Sense, or Samsung TouchWiz.

Why develop software and APIs for developers and have to partner with other manufacturers? This is the next obvious progression to aid developers in creating anything Android. This would not only interest developers but individuals as well. Let me describe it to you in this manner: if there were a pure Google phone created that: had the original battery life, interface, Google apps, responsiveness, and the processor speed that Google wants you to have for optimal performance, was also on every carrier, and received the next Android software first - wouldn’t you want that phone? This would then put Android on equal ground as iPhone - and by that I mean one manufacture of both software and hardware.

It would also make Google the first company that makes it’s own hardware and software and has other manufacturers making devices containing its software. More features and now a possibility of a real Google phone? Thank GOD it’s not an iPhone! If they develop a phone, could a tablet be next? What are you ideas on what this phone could look like? Would it be a slider? Big screen? Small Screen? Will it all be virtual? Chime in.

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