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Finally! Fund Your Dreams: Because You Deserve It

crowdfunding club
crowdfunding club
crowdfunding club

Many people think of crowdfunding as online begging or only for the broke/poor. I want to give you another way to think about it. It's about funding your dreams because you deserve it. You've paid your dues. You have help many many people over the years. And mostly you had to do this by coming out of your own pocket. You have supported non-profits that do the work that you want to do. They help make the changes that you want to see in the world. Now you can do this without draining your own purse.

If you have ever wanted to help people but NOT create a new non profit, then crowdfunding is the answer. Crowdfunding allows you to raise money for others by using the influence you have grown over the years. If you have a large, responsive tribe, then you have influence. Even a small tribe that actively supports you can work well. One of my clients who raised over $7,000 in 10 days only went to a subsection of her tribe - 80 people to ask for support. It worked out well for her.

What you need to know is the basics, it's not enough to just put a project up and hope people come by.

On April 28th I am giving a webinar that will cover all the steps to successful crowdfunding. It's small class. You can take this from home on your own computer and now really able to help those in need.

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