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Finally! Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will play Black Adam

The Rock has finally confirmed his role with DC
The Rock has finally confirmed his role with DC

Dwayne Johnson has been circling around the world of superhero movies for sometime now. Two month ago, the star teased that the would be featured in upcoming film for Warner Bros and DC comics. Recent reports suggested that The Rock would be featured in a supposed film for Shazam aka Captain Marvel. The latest on this story had Dwayne fighting which role he would play. Would he play the hero of the story, Shazam; or would he take up the role of the villain Black Adam? Well, at long last, Dwayne Johnson has revealed his role in the DC Cinematic Universe and the star will be playing Black Adam.

Black Adam is known as the main antagonist to the character Captain Marvel. Adam was once the champion of the Wizard, but he took a different path when he became power hungry. Over the years, Black Adam has served as the opposite to Captain Marvel and he has been portrayed as both a villain as well as a anti-hero. Now the character will receive a live action portrayal; and this role has been a long time coming for Dwayne Johnson. A long time ago, a Captain Marvel film was in the works and The Rock was going to play the film's villain. However, the film never came into fruition and Johnson never got an opportunity to play the role of Black Adam. Now it seems things have come full circle as Dwayne gets another chance at playing this character.

With this announcement comes several questions about the upcoming project. For starters, will Black Adam be portrayed as a villain or could he be a anti-hero? From Dwayne's tweet, he refers Black Adam as a anti-hero. It could mean that the anti-hero route is the intended direction for the cinematic Black Adam; or it could be reference of what comic fans know the character to be. Yet, with Dwayne Johnson's role finally confirmed, there is now a new question to ask: who will play Shazam? Well whoever plays the film's protagonist, at least we can be assure that not only will we see Dwayne Johnson in a superhero movie, but a Shazam film is indeed coming.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing Black Adam? Express your opinion in the comments below. Stay tune for more on Shazam.

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