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Finally back to New York for the 2009 MTV VMA's


Photo of courtesy of MTV Networks

I don't know about anyone else, but in my own  opinion the last two VMA's were terrible. I did not enjoy the venues that were used for both award shows. In 2007 MTV brought the award show to Las Vegas with Britney Spears opening the show with a lackluster performance of Gimme More, and this pretty much set the tone for most of the performances of the evening. The 2008 VMA's were then brought to LA with the venue being some type of sound stage on the Paramount lot, this in my opinion was also way to small of a venue for such a large event.

The honest truth is I look forward to the VMA's each year, and the last two years were an extreme disappointment. This year I have high expectations with the show now moving back to New York at the legendary Radio City Music Hall , this is the same stage where it all started back in 1984. There is a great line up of performances including Beyonce, JayZ, Lady Gaga, Pink, Greene Day, and Taylor Swift. Janet Jackson  will also be paying tribute to her brother Michael by opening the award show. The eccentric British comic Russel Brand of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)  fame is back to host for a second year. Overall things are looking up for the upcoming show, the network has already released photos of the stage and it looks great. Tune into the 2009 MTV VMA's Sunday at 9 p.m.


  • Janel 5 years ago

    DEF the last two years SUCKED I hope it is better this year