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Final weekend of "Witness & Civil Rights in the 60s" exhibit @ Brooklyn Museum

2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the signing into law of the Civil Rights Bill in the United States.

1963 Photo taken of Martin L. King during the march on Washington.
1963 Photo taken of Martin L. King during the march on Washington.
e. chan
Final weekend of exhibit @ Brooklyn Museum
E. Chan

This will be the final weekend of the Brooklyn Museum's exhibit "Witness & Civil Rights in the 60s." The exhibit features photographs, many of which were taken in 1963, chronicling events of the Civil Rights movement. Also the exhibit displays works in a variety of media that show how a variety of artists were influenced by what was going on in the country at the time. Highlights include:

* 1963 photo of firefighters aiming high pressure water hoses @ demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama by Charles Moore

* 1963 photo of Julian Bond & members of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee in Georgia by Richard Avedon

* "The New Aunt Jemima" a 1964 work by Joe Overstreet.

Featured in an accompanying slideshow are other exhibit under the Brooklyn Museum's "#Activism" theme: "Ai Wei Wei: According to What?" through August 1. "Submerged Motherlands" by Brooklyn-based artist Caledonia D. Curry (aka Swoon) through August 24. The early (1963 - 74) works of Judy Chicago whose most famous piece-- "The Dinner Party" is on permanent view on the museum's fourth floor.

In a future article/slideshow to come, this writer will take a closer look at a 2013 work by Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei. Entitled S.A.C.R.E.D., the work consists of 6 massive dioramas made of oxidized metal, wood, fiberglass, polystyrene and sticky tape. The scene portrayed in this series of dioramas are day-to-day scenes of his arrest by the Chinese government.

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