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Final tweets of a young woman with brain cancer are haunting and inspirational

The final months of Twitter posts from a young Canadian woman with terminal brain cancer have been compiled into a touching video that went viral on Thursday.

The Twitter profile picture of "Amanda"

Sites like Buzzfeed and eBaumsWorld have picked up on the story, and the video, bringing hundreds of thousands of views overnight.

The moving montage was compiled by Shannon McKarney, a digital consultant who lives in Toronto. The content came from tweets made by a young woman named Amanda, who had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and who died in April of 2013.

“I admired the way she had taken on this challenge she faced, she was diagnosed with this terminal illness and she said ‘OK, I’m going to run with it,’” McKarney told BuzzFeed. “So she left her phone on the table and she had adventures.”

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Amanda tweeted for the final time on April 10, 2013: "Tomorrow, I go back into the hospital for the last time. Thank you all for the good vibes. Be good to each other. #quietlastnight"

Five days later, her brother posted an update that she had passed away.

A few commenters on the video wondered aloud if the whole thing might a hoax, with the mainstream media having beeb burned by several recent episodes of online trickery. However, the original Twitter account exists and the posts are dated properly.

The young woman had been keeping up with her life on the site from November of 2009 to her final post in April of 2013. Thus, it seems highly doubtful that this is a prank or faked.

We will update this story once more is learned about Amanda.


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