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Final Stage approval for a Conservation Subdivision in Queensbury

As the area real estate market finally heats up after a long bitter winter, one subdivision in the town of Queensbury got the go-ahead on their final stage application. Cerrone builders, Inc. presented the final stage application for a subdivision on Sweet road to the Queensbury Planning Board at their meeting on June 26, 2014. The Queensbury Planning Board unanimously approved the final stage application.
Prior to the Queensbury Planning Board approving the final stage application, discussion at the meeting centered on designation of a portion of the roadside for the potential of future sidewalk development on Sweet Road. Also discussed was possible future issues with setbacks for pools, decks, sheds or other improvements to properties. No issues were brought up at the meeting.
The original Sketch Plan for Review was presented at the November 27, 2012 Queensbury Planning Board meeting. There was a public hearing scheduled and held on January 28, 2014. On February 24, 2014 the Town Board of Health approved the much needed sewer district extension.
Cerrone Builders, Inc. purchased the property in 2006. The property actually consists of three separate parcels that make up the 29.45 acres the subdivision is planned to encompass.
The Sweet Road subdivision will consist of twenty-nine lots of less than .05 acres. Each lot will be able to accommodate up to a three bedroom house of one to 1 ½ stories. All lots will be considered maintenance free.
The subdivision is a planned Conservation Subdivision. According to “Subdivision Review in New York State” by James A. Coon, a Conservation Subdivision is “designed to permanently protect a large portion of a site with important environmental areas or cultural features, while clustering compact building lots on the remainder of the land.” The publication states that in general in a conservation subdivision fifty percent of the land or more is used for open or park type space.
Planning for a Conservation subdivision must take into consideration inventory of natural and scenic resources for preservation, planning for open space, and recreation and trail planning.
According to their website,, Cerrone Builders, Inc. currently owns three subdivisions. Pinewood Estates and Mountain View Estates are located in the town of Moreau in Saratoga County. West Mountain Estates is located in Warren County in the town of Queensbury.

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