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Final Score Hosts Male Review With A Heart

Fireman in the house !
Fireman in the house !

Eastlake ,OH -Final Score ,a tavern that normally is a neighborhood beer and shot establishment decided to recently host a male review in appreciation for the housewives and working woman’s hard work . The ladies ranged in ages from 23 all the way to 66 with one of the ladies having her 52 birthday party . The night was supposed to be a break from the mundane and a chance for the girls to hang out and just enjoy themselves . The Final Score chose the talents of Damien Michael and his troupe . Damien is well known and well liked in the area for his comedy , showmanship and professional ethics . In addition to the previous mentions he is also a staunch supporter of animal rights and an advocate of a healthy vegan lifestyle .A true professional he and his cast of characters have the ability make every one feel special no matter their age or disability The Final Score will be changing names this summer to Shananaginz and with it will be coming improvements including more band performances and events . In addition in a way to give back to the community they will soon be offering use of their party room to groups for benefits . The women I spoke too were very thankful for the venue hosting this event and a great time was had by all . To keep up with all the future events at the Final Score / Shananaginz please see their official facebook at . To see if Damien Michael will be performing at a club near you please see his official face book at