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Final round of Musician's Showcase is here

Underclaire, winner of round 4 of the showcase
Underclaire, winner of round 4 of the showcase
David Standridge

For those of you that have been following the Arkansas Times Musician's Showcase, it is time for the finale.

The final round participants have been set and the stage is going to be at the Rev Room here in Little Rock. From sixteen bands in the semi-final round down to the final five in the final round, this should be a show that you would not want to miss. According to Lindsay Millar of the Arkansas Times, "we had too many worthy submissions. Some quality acts didn't make it into the field of 16".

The final five bands are:

Elise Davis
Brother Andy and His Big Damn Mouth
Flash LaRue

The show is at 8:00 pm so come early to get your spot for what promises to be an exciting event. Never let it be said that Arkansas doesn't have talent. This showcase is proof otherwise.


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