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Final 'Inside the Square' episode released for 'Lightning Returns'

Square Enix asked it's employees, "What would you do if the world were going to end in just 13 days?" And in the latest and final Inside the Square episode, released yesterday, for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, numerous staff members tackle that question while divulging even more information for North American fans.

Lightning will sport many different outfits in 'Lightning Returns.'
Square Enix

Since the game has already launched in Japan, the most die-hard fans already know what to expect, regardless, it's nice to get some insight into the developer's minds as they create the title. While new features like the countdown clock are praised, many are concerned about putting a limit on the amount of time a player can take. The previous two installments varied wildly in the amount of time taken to complete from person to person.

Lightning Returns is set to launch on February 11, 2014 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Those that pre-order the title will get exclusive access to a Cloud Strife's Soldier 1st Class Uniform and Buster Sword for Lightning.

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