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Final Four Deer & A Beer

April 5 & 7, 2014
April 5 & 7, 2014
NCAA Basketball

Everyone knows shots and the Final Four Tournament are basically synonymous, so whether you’re one of the lucky few with a team still in the Big Dance or you and your friends are lamenting your losses, Jägermeister has come up with a few regionally-inspired takes on the signature “Deer & a Beer” serve—an easy way to celebrate the Final Four!

This year’s tournament will take place, April 5 & 7, 2014 with the following teams going head to head for the title:

South: Florida Gators (1)

East: Connecticut Huskies (7)

West: Wisconsin Badgers (2)

Midwest: Kentucky Wildcats (8)

No matter what region you live in, or which region you visit, don’t forget to check out these brewing companies that feature championship beer quality across the country – and don’t forget the Jäger.

EAST - Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewing Co.—BROOKLYN, NY

MIDWEST -- Golden Goose Pilsner

Goose Island Brewing Co. – CHICAGO, IL

SOUTH – Abita Amber

Abita Brewing Co.—ABITA SPRINGS, LA

WEST – Anchor California Lager

Anchor Steam Brewing Co. – SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Just like a shot in the Tournament, Jägermeister shots only take a second, but a lot of prep time goes into every one--Jägermeister is a secret recipe of 56 ingredients, aged for a year and a half in oak barrels and goes through an extensive process of 383 quality check points before it hits your glass.

Live Fabulously. Drink Reponsibly.™

- Cristal Carrington

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