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‘Final Fantasy XV’ release date discussed by game director for PS4 and Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix

Tetsuya Nomura, game director of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, has disclosed details on when Final Fantasy XV will see release for PS4 and Xbox One. According to a report by FrontTowardsGamer from Jan. 30, Nomura shared in a recent interview that the development of Final Fantasy XV has been challenging and that if things continue to expand, Final Fantasy XV may never see release.

Discussed in a Weekly Famitsu interview, Nomura expressed that delivering a game that is carefully made may bring excitement to the player, but that it is a hurdle for the developer to overcome. This anticipation leads to having more things to be done and the constant expansion could result in a never ending project. Find Nomura’s full comment below:

For the player, having a game that’s ‘thoroughly made’ makes them excited with anticipation, but for a developer, it’s a hurdle that we have to overcome. The number of things that we have to do keeps increasing, and if we keep trying to expand we’ll never be finished.

Final Fantasy XV was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII and was announced as a PS3 exclusive in 2006. After years of silence and rumors of a possible cancellation, Square Enix announced that Versus XIII would be renamed Final Fantasy XV and that the title would no longer be exclusive to the PS3. As an alternative, Final Fantasy XV will see eventual release for PS4 and Xbox One.

Square Enix has not given a timescale or expected year of release for either Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts 3. Hopefully we hear more on the two titles at the Tokyo Game Show later this year.