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‘Final Fantasy XV’ development staff changes revealed

‘Final Fantasy XV’ development staff changes revealed
‘Final Fantasy XV’ development staff changes revealed
Square Enix

The development staff responsible for the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Final Fantasy XV,” has been altered. According to a report from Nova Crystallis on March 20, Yusuke Naora will be joining the team.

The artist previously worked on “Final Fantasy VII,” “Final Fantasy VIII” and “Final Fantasy X.” Most recently, he was also a part of the production for “Final Fantasy Type-0,” a video game that shares the same “Fabula Nova Crystallis” mythology as the 15th main installment of the series. Yusuke Naora is speculated to work with Tomohiro Hasegawa and Takayuki Ohtachi on the art production.

Furthermore, it appears that Yoshinori Kitase is no longer involved in “Final Fantasy XV.” The producer explained his departure by saying that he is starting a new, unrelated project.

The development for the project has been troublesome for Square Enix. The video game was announced as far back as 2006 under a different name, “Final Fantasy Versus XIII.” The production took so long that the company eventually decided to move the software product from a PS3 exclusive to a PS4 and Xbox One title.

The release date for “Final Fantasy XV” has remained elusive despite the company’s promise to be more cooperative when it comes to revealing more details on upcoming projects. You can find some images of the next-generation role-playing game in action with the slideshow to the left of the article.