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'Final Fantasy XV' and 'Kingdom Hearts 3' ranked in Japan's most-wanted list

'Mario Kart 8' for Wii U
'Mario Kart 8' for Wii U
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Famitsu has revealed an updated list of the most-wanted upcoming games in Japan. According to a report from Gematsu on May 8, "Persona 5" has remained the most popular title with 678 votes. The role-playing game, which is due to come out for the PS3 in the winter season of 2014 in Japan (and next year in North America), was also voted the most popular title last week.

"Mario Kart 8" ended up being second on the list. The arcade racing game is exclusive to the Wii U, which is struggling in terms of hardware and software sales. Even so, a lot of players are still looking forward to buying the latest installment of the long-running franchise. A screen showcasing the Wii U exclusive from the Nintendo of America Twitter page can be seen near the top of this article.

The rest of the top ten features mostly role-playing games. Although "Final Fantasy XV" and "Kingdom Hearts 3" are most likely the most anticipated Japanese-developed titles in North America, the Japanese audiences seem more impress with two handheld games from the same genres: "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" and "Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth." The other role-playing titles that appeared near the top of the rankings are "Freedom Wars" for Vita and "Tales of Zestiria" for PS3.

"Final Fantasy XV" and "Kingdom Hearts 3" were first announced in the west during a press conference held by Sony Computer Entertainment at E3 2013 in Los Angeles. The former game was previously named "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" when it was initially a PS3 title. However, Square Enix decided to rebrand the project and move the development to the PS4 and Xbox One.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is also coming to the same two next-generation platforms. Many fans have been anticipating the sequel as it will be ending the overarching plot that started in the very first installment of the series. However, a Square Enix representative did hint in the past that new games for the franchise could be developed even after the original main plot has been wrapped up.