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'Final Fantasy XV' and 'Kingdom Hearts 3' publisher explains Sony's sell-off

Logo from 'Final Fantasy XV'
Logo from 'Final Fantasy XV'
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

Shinji Hashimoto has provided a statement in regards to Sony's recent stock sell-off of Square Enix, the company responsible for "Final Fantasy XV," "Kingdom Hearts 3" and other games. According to a report from Airing News on May 14, a fan brought up the subject to the producer during the Thailand Comic-Con. He replied by admitting that Square Enix was surprised that the sell-off ended up becoming somewhat of a hot news item.

Shinji Hashimoto revealed that SquareSoft, the company's name at that time, was in financial trouble back in 2001 when Sony decided to buy some of the third-party publisher's stock. The disappointing failure of the expensive computer-generated movie, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within," ended up costing SquareSoft a lot of money. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the "Final Fantasy" series, left while the planned merger with Enix was put off. The stock purchase from Sony helped the formation of Square Enix.

Currently, the situation is reverse. Although Square Enix is in a good financial situation, Sony has hit some hard times even with the runaway success of the PS4 next-generation systems. The two presidents came together and agreed on the stock sell-off, which was valued at $47 million. You can find the full comments from the producer below:

We didn’t think this would become big news. Back in 2001, Square Enix had financial problems and Sony bought our stocks. Now, the situation is reversed. Since then, we have had good support from our customers for our products, so Square Enix is back on its legs. But Sony has declined. The presidents of both companies had negotiation and resulted as everyone knew. We did not have argument. Since Sony once helped us, it was time we helped Sony back.

Although Sony previously owned a portion of Square Enix, the console manufacturer had no say as to which platform the third-party publisher was releasing software products on. As a result, games like the aforesaid "Final Fantasy XV" and "Kingdom Hearts 3" are coming to the Xbox One along with the PS4. Therefore, the sell-off should not have an effect on future titles.

"Final Fantasy XV" and "Kingdom Hearts 3" should end up selling the most on Sony's next-generation system due to the user base advantage established so far. Square Enix recently teased that more information will be announced for both next-generation action role-playing games at next month's E3 2014 convention. The logo of the upcoming 15th installment of the "Final Fantasy" franchise from the official Facebook Page is located near the top of this article.

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