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‘Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ publisher dominates most-wanted list

‘Final Fantasy XV’ characters
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

Square Enix, the publisher behind “Final Fantasy XV” and “Kingdom Hearts 3,” has dominated the latest most-wanted list posted by Famitsu. According to a report from Gaming Bolt on April 20, the latest issue of the Japanese magazine did a user poll featuring the most anticipated gaming franchises. Unsurprisingly, the list composes of series that were developed by Japanese companies.

The “Final Fantasy” series topped the list. Despite a majority of fans being disappointed in some of the recent releases, it appears that many are still looking forward to “Final Fantasy XV.” Unfortunately, Square Enix has still not yet provided a release date window for the long-awaited project, which was first announced nearly a decade ago in 2006 under the title of “Final Fantasy Versus XIII.” You can find a picture showing off some of the characters in “Final Fantasy XV” from the official Square Enix Facebook page with the image added to the top of this article.

Surprisingly, the “Kingdom Hearts” series did not appear anywhere on the top 30 most-anticipated franchise list. The publisher finally revealed “Kingdom Hearts 3” during last year’s E3 event after several smaller handheld installments. The poll potentially suggests that Japanese gamers may be getting a little tired of the crossover role-playing games.

The other franchises mentioned in the list include “Chrono Trigger,” “Dissidia Final Fantasy,” “Romancing SaGa,” “SaGa,” “Secret of Mana,” “Star Ocean,” “The World Ends with You” and “Xenogears.” Some of the aforementioned video game series have remained dormant even if there’s a lot of demand from fans wanting new installments. Square Enix has been focusing more on the bigger intellectual property recently such as the aforementioned “Final Fantasy” and “Kingdom Hearts” brands.

The publisher is expected to showcase “Final Fantasy XV” and “Kingdom Hearts 3” at the upcoming E3 2014 convention. The two projects are currently being developed for the PS4 and Xbox One although the production will begin on the PC before being ported to the next-generation consoles. The launch windows for the two forthcoming titles have not yet been announced.

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