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‘Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ director talks PS4 drawbacks

‘Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ director talks PS4 drawbacks
‘Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ director talks PS4 drawbacks
Square Enix

Tetsuya Nomura has made a few interesting comments in regards to working on the PS4. According to a report by Just Push Start on Jan. 26, the game director behind “Final Fantasy XV” and “Kingdom Hearts 3” was featured in the latest issue of the Famitsu gaming magazine talking about the next-generation system.

Tetsuya Nomura believed that Sony Computer Entertainment have “gone too far” when building the PS4, adding that the console manufacture should have left the development teams “off the hook.” Although having a “thoroughly made” video game is excited for fans, it is a “hurdle” for studios. You can view some screens from behind “Final Fantasy XV” and “Kingdom Hearts 3” in the slideshow to the left of the article as well as his comments below (courtesy of Just Push Start and Kotaku):

Looking at the PS4, I thought “they’ve gone too far.” I wish they would just let us off the hook. For the player, having a game that’s “thoroughly made” makes them excited with anticipation, but for a developer, it’s a hurdle we have to overcome.

Square Enix had a hard time transitioning from the PS2 to the PS3. Having more powerful hardware forces the company to put more resources into their video games. The aforesaid “Final Fantasy XV” was previously known as “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” on the PS3 before being delayed and eventually re-announced for the next-generation systems. Moreover, “Kingdom Hearts 3” skipped the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation.

The two next-generation video games are being co-directed by Tetsuya Nomura. Release dates for both PS4 and Xbox One titles have not yet been revealed by Square Enix.