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'Final Fantasy XIV' producer details 2.2 patch, includes armor glamour

A screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV
A screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix

With a PS4 release just around the corner, it's easy to miss what is changing in "Final Fantasy XIV's" PC client. On Thursday, the appearance shifting glamour feature was detailed on the forums. The producer's letter also includes other features of the 2.2 update like new mounts and gardening.

Players will be able to use a glamour prism to move one item's appearance to an item with the desired statistics. It sounds like an item is required to move the appearance but there is no word in the letter on where players will pick up the glamour. There are a few restrictions to the feature, too. For example, gear used for its appearance must have an equal or lower equipment level to the gear worn.

The 2.2 update is scheduled to release on March 27. Aside from the glamour feature, players will be able to check out new master recipe books, retainer ventures, "big fishing," and much more.

The PS4 "Final Fantasy XIV" will release on April 14. PC players yet to purchase the game can check it out now on Steam.

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