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'Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn' now adventuring on the PS4

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” hit the PC and Playstation 3 in August last year but Square Enix and Sony made the MMORPG available to Playstation 4 owners worldwide on Monday. To celebrate, a new trailer was released to highlight some of the grandiose quests that will be playable.

Originally released in 2010, the “A Realm Reborn” moniker comes from the fact that Square Enix completely relaunched the game following heavy criticism in its original state. This led to then president Yoichi Wada handed over development to a new team led by producer Naoki Yoshida to create what is essentially an all new game.

The original game's setting, lore and story were retained, but a new client, server structure, graphics engine, interface, terrain, and content were all created by Yoshida and his team for “A Realm Reborn.” This led to praise for both the PC and PS3 releases of the game and generally positive reviews.

Some of the unique features in the Playstation 4 revolve around the console’s social sharing features. Twitch streaming and the ability to share screenshots and quick videos are sure to be popular on the console but there’s also the potential benefit of remote play.

Since PS4 games support remote play via the PS Vita by default, this opens up the opportunity for “Final Fantasy XIV” players to continue their adventure even when they are away from the television set. How viable this feature is in actual play with the MMORPG will be an interesting test as part of Examiner’s upcoming review of the game.

PS3 owners of “A Realm Reborn” will be able to transfer their account over to the PS4 for free through the end of 2014. However, the account will not be able to be transferred back to the PS3 once complete. Those interested in moving up from the PS3 to the PS4 should read this Playstation Blog article on the steps needed to follow for upgrading.

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