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'Final Fantasy XIII' saga recapped retro style

The world of 'Final Fantasy XIII' is a complicated one - complicated enough to warrant three entries into its own sub-series. The conclusion to this trilogy, 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII,' releases on Feb. 11. The stakes are high as Lightning fights against the very end of the world itself. But how did she end up in such a cataclysmic situation? Square Enix whipped up a recap video of the first two game's plot lines to ease in series newcomers, and quite honestly, to remind the people that have played them already just what the hell happened.

The cast of Final Fantasy XIII
Square Enix

The pleasant twist is that the eight-minute video is stylized in Super Nintendo 16-bit graphics, reminiscent of an older era of Square Enix games. The video is likely intended to appeal to older Final Fantasy fans, reminding them of classics that used the graphical style such as 'Final Fantasy VI.'

That said, condensing the plot of two games that probably take at least 60-plus hours combined to tear through their main stories is a monumental task, at the very least. Even so, the video covers the bare essentials.

Even if one gets lost amid the confusion, the 16-bit spectacle is an intriguing look at what could have been for the XIII series. But in this day and age, Square Enix is likely never to return to the pixelated route ever again for an AAA title - nor would any other major company. This is something that many older fans may call a shame, but the younger crowd, and the non-nostalgic, probably won't fret over.

In the end, the video serves as a nice piece of fanservice to build anticipation for 'Lightning Returns.' Hopefully, the game itself will be able to convey a sense of fun and adventure as well as the recap video did.

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