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Final Fantasy XIII's battle system

The combat definitely shows promise...
The combat definitely shows promise...

There's no doubt we're all extremely excited for the next installment in the Final Fantasy series to be released in North America, but one can't help but to judge it's battle system by the cover.

Final Fantasy XII, released in 2006, introduced an entirely new take on the classic combat mechanics in previous games, and was widely accepted. Final Fantasy XIII, however is appearing to revert back to the more linear style of combat. This is, roaming around the environment and spotting an enemy to encounter, but unlike the smooth transition into combat that was displayed in FF12, your faced with the nostalgic screen whirlwind that brings you into your own arena area.

The meat of the battle isn't exactly what will steer players away, what with all the stylish move sets, integration of summons, and the intriguing paradigm shift (or optima change in Japan). It's the frustrating menu driven experience that seems to slow down the battle a little too much. This is what has been a complaint in past Final Fantasy games. I myself find that in most cases, even with the need for experience and items in game, end up wanting an option to turn battles of entirely. 

Final Fantasy will be quite the adventure, let's cross our fingers this book's cover is misleading.

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