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Final Fantasy XIII : Lightning Returns Outerworld Challenge 1 Results

Lighting Returns Helter Skelter Garb
Lighting Returns Helter Skelter Garb
Square Enix

Square Enix Wants to let all of their Final Fantasy XII: Lightning Returns players know the results of the Outerworld challenge #1. The results are a success players have met the Outerworld goal and will be rewarding players with a new garb called "Helter Skeltor" garb the image with this article portarys the garb in action. Players will have two months to claim you must find the outer world character "@LRFF13". Once you have talked to this Outerworld charcter you can go to the rewards barter shop to claim.

Square has released their Outerworld challenge #2 They want players to reach a total of 250,000 Outerworld posts by March 7th to unlock the Duelist garb.