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'Final Fantasy XII' overview

'Final Fantasy XII'
'Final Fantasy XII'

Final Fantasy XII” is the 12th official story in the “Final Fantasy” series, and the last in the series to be released for the Sony PlayStation2.The game itself brought a large disconnect from other “Final Fantasy” games, as most of the mechanics and how the game functioned were vastly different from previous titles.

The first thing that “Final Fantasy XII” does differently is the fighting. The battle mechanics and even how enemy encounters occurred was completely thrown on it's head in this game. In past releases, usually there would be a random encounter with an enemy, generally indicated by the screen playing some animation and then showing the battle. However, with “Final Fantasy XII”, everything is in real time. The player can see the enemies from a fair distance away, and battle is done in the same plane as everything else. The command operation pops up on-screen when a certain button is selected, and players can choose whether everything freezes until a command is selected, or if the world persists throughout.

The story of “Final Fantasy XII” revolves around a young man named Vaan during a time of turmoil and war. Living on the streets and stealing to survive, Vaan is content with his life and has no driving factor. Until one day he gets sucked in, when he decides to break into the palace of his city, now being occupied by enemy forces who, for the most part, had won the war. Along the way, he runs into a formerly disgraced knight, who was presumed dead, and asks Vaan to aid his return, to clear his name.