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'Final Fantasy X' overview

'Final Fantasy X' Cover
'Final Fantasy X' Cover

The story that is “Final Fantasy X” was the first in the series to be released for the next-gen console at the time, the PlayStation 2. Development of the game began in 1999, and it was released on July 19th, 2001. Following the release, the game was considered a large success, with over 6.6 million copies sold, world-wide. In addition, “Final Fantasy X” was the first in the series to have a direct sequel taking place shortly after the final events of the game, titled as “Final Fantasy X-2”.

The journey begins in a setting that is seemingly much more advanced than that of previous “Final Fantasy” titles. The area looks similar to a present day city, with a futuristic edge to it, and is called the city of Zanarkand. The story focuses in on a young man named Tidus, who is a player of Blitzball, a type of underwater soccer/basketball mix-up. In fact, he is the star player of his team, the Zanarkand Abes.

Years after his father Jecht mysteriously disapeared, who was also a legendary Blitzball player, Tidus took up after his old man. He became very famous and his goal was always to be better than his father. One night during a big game, however, Tidus' world was flipped on it's head. A strange, colossus monster attacked Zanarkand, and despite his best attempts, Tidus was sucked in by the monster.

Waking up in a strange, unfamiliar place, Tidus comes to learn that he is now in a world called Spira, where the only thing he has in common with it's people is Blitzball and the legend of Zanarkand ruins, a city destroyed by a large monster by the name of Sin over 1,000 years ago. Left in a strange land with nothing but his skills for the game of Blitzball, Tidus begins his journey to get home, and unravels some secrets of his past along the way.