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Final Fantasy X: Is an HD remake, or an 8-bit demake better?

After many long years of teasing, Square Enix has finally released Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD. Final Fantasy X was the first game this writer bought for his PS2 and Final fantasy X-2 holds a very precious Christmas memory. In short, this guy could not be more excited. Not for the PS3 version, oh no, but to experience the games as a portable on the PS Vita where all RPGs should be played. It just makes sense.

This is box art for this remake.
Square Enix

The HD visuals look amazing. Even without the tweaks to the games, it would have been a fine port. Why aren’t more PS2 RPGs on the PSN store and why aren’t PS2 game playable via PS Vita? It’s a lot to ask for, but the more RPGs on the PS Vita, the better. It’s an easy game type to play alongside a show on TV, or something.

To get across the final point, in an elongated fashion, this writer stumbled across this next nugget about a year ago. Someone made a prototype build for a NES demake of Final Fantasy X. Aside from the footage here, there are other screenshots online, but they look to be from a separate project. Either way it’d be neat to see a retro demake of FFX, or any other high profile game. For now though, enjoy the HD re-releases of Final Fantasy X and X-2 while this writer babbles on to himself about the prospect of a retro future and a paradise filled with RPGs.

To get a look at the FF X demake and a behind the scenes look at FF X-2, be sure to check out ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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