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'Final Fantasy VII' Yuffie's ultimate weapon

The Conformer
The Conformer

A very well-rounded ultimate weapon in “Final Fantasy VII” is Yuffie's Conformer. This shuriken-type weapon for the secret or hidden, optional character Yuffie, can be found rather early on in the game, compared to some of the other ultimate weapons.

Available directly after obtaining the Submarine, Yuffie's weapon can be found at the bottom of the sea. In the aircraft the Sunken Gelnika, that sits at the bottom of the ocean waiting to be plundered, there are many weapons for the party. One such weapon is Yuffie's ultimate weapon, the Conformer.

Yuffie's ultimate weapon is extremely helpful in a multitude of ways. Firstly, it is long ranged, similar to Barret's ultimate weapon, which allows Yuffie to stay in the back row and take reduced damage, without taking any damage penalty herself. Normally when using the Morph Materia to transform enemies into items, the player preforms an attack. This attack generally has reduced damage. However, with the Conformer, damage is not reduced when using Morph, which is extremely useful for farming certain items from enemies, such as Ribbons.

The weapon also deals reduced damage to allies, which is extremely useful if Yuffie were to become Confused. The weapon deals 1 damage to any ally, regardless of any defense, attack, or any other variable in the battle. Finally, the Conformer's damage also scales with the enemy's level. This means that if the player were to face a level 55 enemy, the Conformer would do a certain amount of damage based off of that level 55. If the player were to then face a level 99 enemy, such as Ruby or Emerald Weapon, the Conformer would do a considerably larger amount of damage than it did to the level 55.