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'Final Fantasy VII' Vincent Valentine's ultimate weapon

Death Penalty
Death Penalty

A very interesting ultimate weapon within “Final Fantasy VII” with an extremely unique mechanic is Vincent Valentine's Death Penalty. To get this weapon, the player must first recruit the optional character, Vincent Valentine, located within the Shinra Mansion basement.

This weapon is somewhat of a two-part process, and the player receives both Vincent's ultimate weapon as well as his final Limit Break skill as a reward. The items can't be obtained until either late in disk 2 or in disk 3, however the player can initiate the first part of the process directly after obtaining the submarine. Following a long, rather linear path that can be found underwater, the player will eventually wind up in a circular cave-type area.

After surfacing, the player will be surrounded by mountains with a small patch of grass to disembark onto. The party can then walk through the waterfall in the area and enter the Waterfall cave. After a scene between Vincent and someone from his past, all the player can do is leave.

After some time, the player may return and will receive both Death Penalty and Vincent's final Limit Break, Chaos. Death Penalty, much like with Barret and Yuffie's weapons, has the Long Range status, so he can stay in the back row and hit enemies that would otherwise be out of reach.

Upon first acquasition, the weapon is rather weak, probably weaker than the weapon previously equipped to Vincent at the time. This is because the Death Penalty grows in power in conjunction with how many enemy kills Vincent has. Therefor, as Vincent kills more enemies, his damage will gradually increase more and more. An interesting thing to note is that due to this mechanic, the Overflow glitch can easily be exploited via the use of Vincent's Death Penalty.