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“Final Fantasy VII” unlimited ribbon accessory


Much like the Source items that could be obtained countlessly and without cheating, it is the same for the powerful Ribbon accessory. The accessory is an item that can be equipped to a character, and it provides that character with immunity to all status ailments, such as Poison, Confusion, Blind, etc.

Normally, the Ribbon can be obtained via the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer, and they can also be found scattered about the world throughout the story. However, because of it's effectiveness, it is extremely rare and hard to obtain. Yet there is a better way, and it still involves the Battle Square.

How the Battle Square works is the player pays a fee to enter, selects one character to compete in the fights, and that character must then fight through 8 tiers of enemies, and after each tier, must participate in a slot machine that will determine the de-buff given to the character for the rest of the battles.

The player may also select the difficulty of the 8 fights before entering, with more difficult fights obviously providing more reward should the character come out on top. In order to obtain the unlimited Ribbons, the player should have the Morph Materia equipped to the character he or she will choose to participate in the fights. Then the player must select the Special Fight, and hope to run into an enemy named Ho-Chu. This adversary, when killed with the Morph command, will be transformed into a Ribbon. After the fight is complete, the player can select to do it again and again, this way obtaining countless Ribbons for the entire party.