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'Final Fantasy VII' ultimate weapons

Cloud's Ultima Weapon
Cloud's Ultima Weapon

In “Final Fantasy VII”, as the game progresses, the player is able to obtain numerous different weapons that can generally be regarded as upgrades for each character. To add to this, there are also weapons that are extremely powerful, more so than anything else on the planet, with unique stipulations and requirements. These weapons are known as the ultimate weapons.

Each character has an ultimate weapon, and each weapon as a specific way of being obtained, in addition to certain added effects that dynamically change how certain play-styles are used when using the ultimate weapons.

With the exception of one character, all ultimate weapons are obtained around the latter part of disk 2 or disk 3. However, due to certain story events, Aerith's ultimate weapon is obtained much earlier on, about three fourths of the way through disk 1.

While normal weapons act as just that, ultimate weapons act quite differently. The base damage of the weapons is the highest in the game, and while useful, there are also certain battle parameters that must be met for each weapon in order to deal full damage potential.

In addition, just as some weapons have double or triple Materia AP growth, each ultimate weapon has a large number of Materia slots, but the growth is set to Nothing, meaning that any Materia equipped to those slots will gain absolutely zero AP from battle, whether the Materia is mastered or not. For this reason, it is best to equip only mastered Materia into the ultimate weapon Materia slots, while leaving Materia still needing levels in the character's accessory slots.'Final Fantasy VII' ultimate weapons