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'Final Fantasy VII' secret areas: Ancient Forest part 2 (spoilers)

View of the Ancient Forest from the inside
View of the Ancient Forest from the inside

From the world map, the Ancient Forest looks a bit lighter than other patches of forest scattered about the world, and unlike other forests, the Ancient Forest can be accessed and bring the player out of the world map and into a new area. The forest itself is designed as a three room puzzle, with a fourth room of rewards at the end. Due to the area being a puzzle, the player can press the square button at any given time to reset the zone, in case of a mistake.

Upon entrance, the player can find the Supershot ST, a gun for Vincent, located in the mouth of a large carnivorous flower. After solving a small puzzle, the party can then find the Spring Gun Clip behind a tree, which is a weapon for Red XIII. After advancing to the next area, a beehive can be placed in the mouth of another carnivorous flower, in order to obtain the Materia Slash-All, which allows the equipped character to hit all enemies with a single attack. Towards the end of this area, there is a treasure located on a tree trunk, however it is currently inaccessible.

In the third area, there is another puzzle to solve, which will lead back to the previously unattainable item from the second area, which was a Minerva Band, a piece of armor that can only be worn by female characters. Back in the third area, along the treetops the player can find the summon Materia Typhon. Climbing back down the trees, the player must solve a few more puzzles and finally make it to the fourth and final area. There are no puzzles in this area, simply a weapon called Apocalypse for Cloud which gives triple Materia growth to Materia equipped to the weapon slots, and an Elixir, along with an exit to the Ancient Forest.