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'Final Fantasy VII' overview

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII”, originally released for the Sony PlayStation in 1997, is the seventh game in the Final Fantasy series, and marks several milestones for the corporation behind it. “Final Fantasy VII” was the first one in the series to feature fully rendered, 3D character models, as well as environment that when interacted with, prompted certain cut-scenes that allowed the player to move the character about during animation. It stands to reason that the game would be popular, with so many new advances brought to the table, and to this day it indeed is one of the most popular and well-known “Final Fantasy” games.

Due to the game's popularity, a remastered version of “Final Fantasy VII” was released for the PC in 2008. It featured smoother, more polished graphics, cleaner 3D models, and achievements to unlock and share with friends.

The story of “Final Fantasy VII” follows a young man by the name of Cloud Strife. At the start of the game, he is working with a so-called terrotist organization known as “AVALANCHE” to fight his former employers and megacorporation called Shinra Electric Company. This corporation is using up the Planet's energy, known as Mako, to create power, yet in the process the Planet's life force is being drained, and will inevitably dry up to nothing, leaving the entire world in utter ruin. Along the way on his journey to save the world, our hero meets many friends and some enemies from the past, causing much conflict and turmoil within the story.

The game provides many hours of gameplay, a solid storyline, unique characters, and a vast land to explore. There are also many secrets and hidden treaures to be found, and a large amount of fun to be had.