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'Final Fantasy VII' mechanics: Limit Break part 2

Vincent's Limit Break, Hellmasker
Vincent's Limit Break, Hellmasker

A different type of exception to Limit Breaks is Tifa. Her Limit Breaks are quite unique. She has the potential to use every single one of her Limit Breaks, including her final and most powerful one, in a single fight. Like other characters Tifa obtains a total of 7 Limit Break skills, however the player does not have to select between different levels. When Tifa's Limit Break is activated in battle, the player is given a number of spinning slots, depending on how many Limit Breaks have been unlocked, each with a “Hit” “Yeah!” and “Miss” slot. “Yeah!” causes that particular skill to deal double damage, while “Miss” causes Tifa to skip that attack all together. If the player can get all “Hit” and/or “Yeah!” slots, Tifa can unleash all of her Limit Breaks at once.

Limit Breaks can actually be used through battle. Each character has a Limit Bar that fills up as the character takes damage, and once the bar is full, the Attack command will be replaced with Limit, and the character can execute his or her specific ability. The bar that fills up during battle can be altered via items or certain attacks or abilities from enemies. A Tranquilizer item can be used to slow a character's limit bar, while a Hyper can be used to counteract this effect and cause the Limit bar to fill faster, however allies take more damage while under the effects of Hyper.

Overall, Limit Breaks can be vital to a battle, especially if the player is outmatched. One good Limit Break could change the course of a fight and help against extremely tough adversaries, such as end-game super-bosses Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon.