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'Final Fantasy VII' mechanics: Limit Break part 1

'Final Fantasy VII' Limit Breaks
'Final Fantasy VII' Limit Breaks

Final Fantasy VII” has a multitude of mechanics that make it a unique and diverse game and each one adds a new and fresh dynamic to the gameplay. In “Final Fantasy VII”, each character has a number of special abilities or skills that can be used at certain points throughout battle to turn tides in the player's favor, and these actions are known as Limit Breaks.

Each character begins with one level 1 Limit Break, and after using it a certain number of times, the second level 1 Limit Break will unlock for that character. To unlock the first Limit Break of another level, a character must kill a total of 80 or so enemies. Each character, with some exceptions, has four levels of Limit Breaks, each level containing two Limit Break skills, with the exception of level 4, which only contains one, the most powerful Limit Break for that character. Once a Limit Break for a new level has unlocked, the player must switch between different levels and cannot have more than one selected at a time, meaning that it is only possible to have two Limit Breaks to select from at any point.

An exception to this is Cait Sith. Cait Sith only has two Limit Break abilities, and both of which do random attacks and deal random damage. His second Limit Break can be unlocked by killing a mere 40 enemies, which his first Limit Break is known on acquiring the character. Another exception to the Limit Breaks is Vincent. Vincent only has four Limit Breaks, one per limit level. His Limit Breaks cause him to transform into different monsters and upon transformation, an AI takes over and the player loses control of him until the end of battle.