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'Final Fantasy VII' Gold Saucer part 5

Gold Saucer Wonder Square
Gold Saucer Wonder Square

Finally, the last Square to visit is the Wonder Square. This is where Cloud and friends first met up with Cait Sith in the story, and this area has an extremely large amount to offer. Going up the stairs and across the bridge into the main building, the player will immediately see many mini-games to try out. Each mini-game awards GP and the GP can be exchanged for certain reward items.

Within the first room of the Wonder Square building, there is a place to play a Basketball mini-game and see how many hoops Cloud can shoot perfectly, and one mess-up will mean game over. Next, there is a virtual Arm Wrestling table, where Cloud can test his arm strength against a virtual wrestler or sumo-wrestler. There are also two Wonder Catcher machines that reward items, however the entire mechanic is random and based purely on chance.

The female who will trade items for the player's GP also resides within this room. Certain prizes that can be bought are not revealed, and in place of a name, are instead indicated by question marks. In the next room lies even more mini-games to partake in. This room holds the Bike mini-game that was experienced earlier in the game when the party was attempting to escape Midgar on the freeway.

The next mini-game is Snowboarding, also one that was experienced as part of the main story. There is also the Submarine mini-game, which mimics another sequence from the story. Two non-story associated mini-games also reside within this area. There is the 3D Battler, which is pits a virtual version of Cloud against a series of virtual opponents that make their moves in accordance to what move the player has made, providing a very unbalanced, difficult experience.

The final mini-game in this area of the Wonder Square is the Mog House. The Mog House is a game in which the player helps Mog learn to fly and find a mate to spend his life with. There is also a Fortune Telling machine located in this room, which gives mild hints as to what will next occur within the story up until the end of disk 1, which could be quite useful for those who wish to ponder over what may happen next on a first playthrough, yet not be completely spoiled.