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'Final Fantasy VII' Gold Saucer part 4

Ghost Hotel
Ghost Hotel

Another Square, which is encountered as part of the story in disk 1, is the Ghost Square. Essentially, the Ghost Square is an inn set up as a horror house. It costs 5 GP to stay per night, and has an item shop that takes Gil as the currency. There is yet another Square called the Event Square. During normal visits, there is absolutely nothing to do in this empty stadium. However, during the story, Cloud and the person he is going on a date with(either Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, or Barret), visit this area and take part in a play that is currently on stage.

As the story of the play progresses with Cloud playing the main character, the player has the option to either follow along, or completely mess the entire production up by doing all of the wrong actions, resulting in quite the entertaining reaction by both the actors and Cloud's date.

The Round Square is also visited during the date night, however it can also be visited at any other point in the game. Here, the player may enter a gondola and go on a ride through the Gold Saucer, witnessing all the celebration and everything that the amusement park has to offer.

At certain points during the ride, the player is able to peek out of the window of the gondola and certain cinematic scenes will play, such as fireworks going off or witnessing the roller-coaster ride from the Speed Square in action. During the night out with a partner, Cloud's date will occasionally give dialogue prompting Cloud to look out the window, letting players know when exactly the cinematic scenes can be accessed.