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'Final Fantasy VII' Gold Saucer part 3

Gold Saucer Battle Square
Gold Saucer Battle Square

The next Square to visit within the enormous Gold Saucer is the Battle Square. An interesting area, the player can spend 10 GP to participate in a series of fights that will in turn reward Battle Points or BP. After paying the 10 GP, the player must select one of the three current party members to participate in the fights.

This character will then fight eight consecutive battles, with no reprieve or time to heal between fights. After each fight, a penalty is also given to the player in order to lessen the chances of winning with each fight. Difficult, the Battle Square is not to be taken lightly. However, one of the prizes that can be bought with BP is Cloud's powerful final Limit Break, Omnislash.

Next up is the Chocobo Square. Thanks to story points earlier in the game, the player should be familiar with how this Square works. The player must select a Chocobo, provided he or she has one in a stable at Chocobo Farm, and race with it. Racing will raise the Chocobo's stats, and winning will provide the player with an item such as a Mexalixir or certain accessories and Materia, all of which can either be kept or traded in for GP. In addition, the player can also bet on races and watch instead of participate.

An interesting note regarding the Chocobo races; it is possible, during a race, to encounter Joe, the apparent top racer in the Chocobo racing circuit, on his trusty Black Chocobo. The Black Chocobo's stats are based of that of the player Chocobo's, and will therefor always be a certain percentage higher, even if the player's Chocobo has maximum stats.