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'Final Fantasy VII' Gold Saucer part 2

Gold Saucer Station
Gold Saucer Station

After defeating Dyne, an opportunity arises for Cloud to win the freedom of himself as well as his companions through winning a Chocobo race. After being coached by one of the best, Cloud races in the Chocobo race and wins, not only ensuring his freedom, but also obtaining a buggy from the manager Dio himself, as an apology for wrongly imprisoning the characters.

After leaving the Gold Saucer, the player can return at any time for numerous possibility. The Saucer actually has a very large amount to offer, from aesthetics to plays, even arcade games and arena fights. The main currency in the Gold Saucer is Gold Points(GP), and Gil is not accepted other than as an entrance fee.

After entering, the player will be in the Station, which has a large number of holes to jump into, each leading to a different Square. An interesting note as well is that, after the player obtains the Highwind, at the entrance to the Gold Saucer, in the background there is a 15% chance of a man spawning upon entering the area. This man will sell the party GP, 1 GP for 100 Gil, up to a maximum of 100 GP, costing a total of 10,000 Gil.

The first Square that one might enter is the Speed Square. In this area, the party can pay 10 GP to enter a roller-coaster type ride with a moving turret on it. The objective is to shoot as many targets and objects as possible. Each object merits a certain amount of points and depending on the amount accumulated by the end of the ride, a reward will be given. One reward of note, which can only be obtained in disk 1, is the Umbrella, a weapon for Aerith. Once returning in either disk 2 or 3, the player can also obtain a weapon for Cid called the Flayer, which is his third most powerful weapon in the game.