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'Final Fantasy VII' Gold Saucer part 1 (spoilers)

The Gold Saucer
The Gold Saucer

In “Final Fantasy VII” the Gold Saucer is an attraction that draws in crowds from all across the land. A giant golden tree with saucer-like branches, the attraction sits above a giant desert where prisoners are commonly kept.

In the story, after arriving at Costa Del Sol, Cloud and his party must find a way to continue on their adventure and resume their chase of Sephiroth. Outside of Costa Del Sol, the heroes find a path through the mountains leading to the once great mining town of Corel, now disheveled and desolate, with tents for homes and remnants of what used to be scattered about.

However, Corel has a lift that brings the characters across the plains and to the giant attraction known as the Gold Sauecr. It requires a payment of 3,000 Gil for a one-time entry, or 30,000 Gil for a lifetime pass into the great attraction site. This is where the party meets Cait Sith, one of the last few members to be recruited by this point in the game.

After some events at the Battle Square, the party is thrown down a large hole, into the prison with no walls that lay below, with no hope of escape. Chasing after Barret, the characters discover a bit more about his past and how he came to have a gun for an arm, as well as a lost friend all thanks to the Shinra. Hearing rumors of Barret's long assumed dead friend, the heroes begin to think that perhaps the man survived the events that occurred so many years ago.

Heading to where the supposed intimidating, ruthless leader of the sand prison resides, Barret discovers that it is indeed his old friend, Dyne. Having gone through the same operation as Barret to receive a gun in place of a hand, Dyne felt as thought he had too much blood on his hands and couldn't bear to join the heroes against Shinra, thus choosing to instead fight Barret in a one on one scenario, ultimately meeting his demise.